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Running on EOS Tracks

This year, our agenda will be designed by Running on EOS Tracks, filtered by the number of years your organization has been running on EOS. There are three tracks: Under 1.5 years, 1.5–3 years, and 3+ years.

Workshop Series

New this year, we’ll have a dedicated series of workshop sessions where you can get your hands dirty working with the tools and collaborating with other leaders Running on EOS™. Each breakout time will have a workshop for each of the three learning tracks.

Wednesday Welcome Event

Whether you’re attending all of the Pre-Conference or planning to arrive later in the day, we welcome you to join us for our welcome event on Wednesday night.

Getting What You Want

With so much learning and new content being absorbed, many of our Friday-morning breakouts will be workshop-style sessions, designed to help you crystallize your conference takeaways. These sessions will help ensure that you got what you came for before the conference ends.

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April 11


April 12


Make huge leaps on your journey toward EOS Mastery and living The EOS Life®.


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BREAKOUT SESSION 5 | Friday - 9:15AM – 10:15AM

Victoria Cabot

Director of Engagement at EOS Worldwide


Companies who claim “We Run on EOS®” are often the best performing companies in their industries. Running on EOS, once considered a “secret,” is now a badge of respect and competitive advantage. With millions of copies of Traction sold and thousands of companies running on EOS, the secret is out.

In this Foundational session, learn how running on EOS can be a significant differentiator for your company. Fully realize your ROI for the commitments you’ve made to gaining traction on your vision. From finding vendors and partners, to attracting new clients and staff. Commit to connecting with stakeholders who also run on EOS; it is difficult to work with companies that are poorly managed and lack focus.

To support continued mastery, gain insights on how to deepen understanding and adoption about EOS throughout your entire organization. Discover and easily access tools and resources that help bring EOS learning to everyone. Develop training rocks to drive you closer to 80%+ strong on your Organizational Check-up™ results.

Part “We Run on EOS,” part “EOS Rollout” – this session will help you develop actionable takeaways to do more with what you already have. (That’s What!)


Victoria brings over 25 years of experience driving significant enterprise growth for Blue Chips, start-ups, and family businesses. Her portfolio of companies includes GAP, J. Crew, Cabot Hosiery (Darn Tough) and Burton Snowboards. As an “intrapreneur,” she worked alongside Jake Burton and started the Kids’ Division. Under her leadership, the division grew to $20M with healthy margins in under three years. The best part of her job? Running photo shoots with young team riders, including an 8-year-old snowboarding sensation – Shaun White.

Victoria played a vital role in the founding of this EOS Conference®. After overseeing hundreds of programming hours, she refocused on her Implementer practice in 2021. She is also President of Velocity 6 Leadership Company. She seeks to serve especially woman and minority owned businesses. Her personal mission statement is “Together, We Rise.”

Her EOS Life includes discovering history through travel. In her adventures, you’ll always find her “where the locals go.” She serves clients internationally from San Diego, CA.

Brett Stewart

Expert EOS Implementer


Did I do the right things this week? Did my team do the right things? Am I missing anything? These questions run through our minds constantly, slowly eroding our confidence. So we check in on this, ask someone about that, and double-check something else, all the while wasting time that could be spent growing our business. The cure to the chaos is a strong Data Component and the confidence and focus it brings. Learn how to nail your Data Component and claim your confidence dividend


Brett’s passion is helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. After a successful corporate career in consulting, turn-arounds and as CFO of a billion-dollar insurance company, Brett decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, he has started and helped run three different businesses.

The last of those was a healthcare company Brett took over and turned around from a $400k loss to a profit of $1.2 million in four years. But profitability did not mean success – the business lacked focus, and instead of being run by a functional, cohesive team, every decision went through Brett. That all changed when he read Traction and learned about The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). After using EOS in his business, and seeing its power first-hand, Brett set out to help others get what they want from their businesses. He now spends all his time coaching entrepreneurs and their teams, helping them implement EOS so they can reach their goals and enjoy the journey.

Brett earned bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He lives outside of Atlanta with Tricia, his wife of 27 years, his daughters Allie and Cassady, and dogs Buddy-Baker and Eddie. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his family and racing mountain bikes with his friends.

Hank O'Donnell

Expert EOS Implementer


As the Leadership Team goes, so goes the company. It’s that simple. Elegant leadership teams build great companies. It’s a shame they are so rare! In this session, Hank O’Donnell, an Expert EOSI & accomplished Leadership Team coach, shares the secrets of high performing EOS Leadership teams. You’ll learn a simple diagnostic tool to evaluate your team. How will it stack up? Plus, learn the 4 destructive toxins that undermine team success – and what to do when they pop up! Lots of takeaways – and fun, too!


Ted began his business career 25 years ago with Xerox and IBM. He discovered his passion for entrepreneurship when he acquired an unprofitable and dysfunctional distribution company and transformed it into a profitable and healthy business. Today he helps business leaders as a speaker, Expert EOS Implementer™ and as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide.

Along his journey, Ted has started and successfully led five companies including an educational software business that was the first in North America to connect K-12 classrooms to homes over the web, a video game co. in partnership with the NHL, and a medical firm with a mandate to ensure consistent quality and supply of medical isotopes to the world.

Ted was introduced to the EOS® through his membership in The Entrepreneur’s Organization and began using EOS® in his companies. He has first-hand experience in the benefits of running a business with EOS® and the challenges of running one without it. In addition to being an Expert EOS Implementer™, Ted serves as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide where he trains new EOS Implementers™ and facilitates Quarterly meetings with EOS Implementers™ from around the world.

Ted splits his time between Alberta and California with his wife Jennifer, and two children, Spencer and Kirsten. The entire family is community minded and share a passion for living a full life.

Anastasia Toomey

Certified EOS Implementer

Get In the Flow of IDS®️


Anastasia started her career in Chicago at global ad agency Leo Burnett where she spent almost 9 years in account management learning how to run the business and relationship side of planning communications for clients. This was the beginning of a 20 year career in the Midwest and on the east coast in marketing and advertising positions.

In 2010, she moved to Denver and helped to start Telocity Group, a business and marketing consulting firm. As well, she founded her own consulting group, Front Porch Consulting. Missing the creative interaction of a full-service agency she was a founder of Agency Zero in the summer of 2010 in the hopes of offering a new agency model to move as quickly and nimbly as today’s consumer demands. In the fall of 2015, she sold her stake in Agency Zero to pursue working with high growth companies in marketing and strategic business planning.

In November of 2016 she became a Certified EOS Implementer as well as a Kolbe Certified Consultant. Her 29 years of experience in brand management, advertising, research, equity-building and strategic business planning allow her to approach brands, teams, companies, and business management from every perspective. She has now done hundreds of client EOS sessions and has worked with over 50 organizations. She is one of the few implementers that love to help nonprofits find funding to fully implement EOS and she always carries a pro bono team. She loves her job and her life in Colorado with her husband Rob and she truly believes that this could be the year for the Buffalo Sabres…well, maybe next year.

Marc Dispensa

Certified EOS Implementer


Marc likes to say that he is a lifelong entrepreneur. He began his first company at the age of 21
and helped build it to $4 million in revenue before selling to a publicly traded company. Marc’s
three year
journey as CTO with this company taught him a lot about what not to do as a
business leader and there he began to see what his passion was. Marc learned that he is a
small company guy who loves to start businesses.
Marc’s first introduction to EOS® came w
hen he joined a previous competitor, who was a year
into their next entrepreneurial journey. They began implementing EOS practices into how they
ran the business. What started as a $4 million company grew to a $50 million company in four
years. Since then
Marc has become a Certified EOS Implementer™ with the goal of helping
other entrepreneurs realize their own vision for their companies.


Ben is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses. He is relentlessly obsessed with creating value and improving entrepreneurs’ lives. 

He now devotes his life to helping others build self managing businesses and growing their company.

With hundreds of session days under his belt, Ben has helped leaders get what they want from their businesses by helping them clarify, simplify, and achieve their visions through EOS, mentoring other implementers, and contributing to a self-managing Marketing, Sales, and Technology company he co-founded to support his clients.

Ben spends 100% of his professional time helping others get the clarity, profits, and freedom they deserve. 

Daniel Moshe

Certified EOS Implementer


Bring your Scorecard to this hands-on workshop where 400+ session Certified EOS Implementer Daniel Moshe will provide actionable techniques and strategies to help you strengthen your Data Component so that you have a better pulse on your business, improve your ability to predict, and are increasing accountability and transparency throughout your organization.


Daniel Moshe is a national speaker and certified EOS implementer based in Minneapolis. He’s used EOS in all his businesses since 2011, successfully worked himself out of a day-to-day job in 2016 and has been helping leadership teams live their best lives since. He continues to be involved in starting and growing successful technology companies. Daniel is passionate about building strong leadership teams and making a positive impact in the world. Daniel’s other passions include RV travel with his two elementary-age sons, running, motorcycles, and he’s an instrument-rated pilot and primarily flies Cirrus aircraft.

JEanet Wade

Expert EOS Implementer

Shared by All – Creating a Human-Driven Vision

Learn how to activate human potential by creating a strong Vision that is Shared by All (SBA). In this breakout session, you will deepen your understanding of getting Six Facets of Human Needs® met in order to achieve the Vision you outlined in your V/TO.


Jeanet Wade is one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business and is a ForbesBooks featured author. In her 26 year career, she has coached and consulted with over 125 privately-held businesses across the U.S. and has served on leadership teams at start-ups, small family-owned businesses, and large corporations. She recently published The Human Team: So, You Created a Team But People Showed Up! to help leaders and managers facilitate human energy on teams and understand the fundamental needs of people in order to nurture and engage stronger outcomes.

Catherine Juon

Certified EOS Implementer

Fostering Dreams – Philanthropy and EOS

Calling all Visionaries! Are you excited about the change in your business after implementing EOS? Have you ever wondered if EOS could transform other organizations you care about as well?

Learn about the powerful impact created for 108 children in an orphanage in Middleburg, South Africa when a Visionary from Ann Arbor, Michgan posed this same question. We’ll discuss the journey of implementing EOS in a non-profit, and the transformations it has made at every level of the organization:

Progress on long-standing issues and long term vision
Stronger communication and relationship between the Visionary and Integrator at Care Village
Transformation of the leadership team
Renewed passion and energy of an exhausted non-profit Visonary
More impact from the U.S. based Care Village Outreach that provides support to Middleburge Care Village in South Africa
And the best Delegate and Elevate story you’ve ever heard

Panelists-Lee Willwerth
With a diverse background in Physics, Industrial Engineering, Software Development and IT, Lee Willwerth is a self-described serial entrepreneur. Diverging somewhat from his more technical background, he helped found DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ann Arbor, a residential remodeling company in 2004. As it has grown, he has been directly involved in nearly every aspect of the business from construction management to sales and general management. Now as the company’s visionary, Lee works to create a place where his employees thrive as they improve the lives and homes of DreamMaker clients. Along the way, his unique experience has
brought a culture of technical and business process innovation to a very traditional industry. He is proud that DreamMaker has grown over the years into a company that truly lives up to its Core Focus: To Care, to Innovate, and to Lead while delivering Efficient Remodeling with Exceptional Service.

When he is not working, Lee serves as Vice President of Care Village Outreach, a non-profit he helped found in 2018 focused on education and the needs of children in South Africa and he travels there every chance he gets. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and family, fishing, and all things aviation-related! He has been a private pilot since the age of 17 and enjoys flying his plane when the weather is nice (a rarity in Michigan). The rest of the year, you can find him in the shop driving rivets on the plane he is building.

Rehandre Landmann, Integrator
Driven to make a difference, Rehandre began travelling extensively within Africa and performing humanitarian aid work together with his father from an early age. Their good works take them from their native South Africa to Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana—so far. Expect this list to grow as they’re just getting started!

Never intimidated by a challenge, Rehandre’s work in the field translates well to his work in the Middleburg Care Village orphanage. His relentless pursuit of the mission means he can talk through a checkpoint, fix a jeep, find donations of flowers to cheer up the grounds, build relationships with local cattlemen to ensure a steady protein-rich diet for the children, or remove a splinter with patience and care.

Rehandre joined Middleburg Care Village 2019, and was soon tapped to serve as Integrator after demonstrating his passion and ability to make a difference in the lives of the 108 children and 38 staff at the facility.


Catherine’s career in business started early as she learned how to build business value through sheer determination and hard work in a multi-generational family farm. (Ask her about bean walking if you’re curious!) Later as the co-founder and former Integrator of an internet marketing agency, Catherine also learned there comes a point where scalability is required to focus team efforts and create personal freedom. She credits discovering EOS for transforming her business, life, and ability to make an impact in the world.
Soon after she shifted gears to become an Implementer, a breast cancer diagnosis deepened my appreciation for the power of EOS. Overwhelmed by treatment and surgery options, Catherine turned to her personal V/TO and BHAG to complete an Ironman for clarity and to simplify treatment choices. Completing the Ironman became a vision shared by her team: her surgeon, physical therapist, triathlon coach, friends and family. Just 12 weeks after a double-mastectomy she completed the Louisville Ironman and remains cancer-free!
Catherine is fueled by spending her days with entrepreneurs as they create clarity, freedom, flexibility and impact for themselves and their teams. She believes anything you dream is possible, and that EOS provides a beautifully simple framework to make your dreams come true!

Steve Bouchard

Head of Training XChange


A facilitated opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other conference participants, designed to shift you into an active learning state, reflect on conference insights and build new relationships with your peers. In addition to an opportunity to connect with and learn from each other, the Peer Connection sessions will support your ability to translate and [integrate what you learn at the conference, increasing your return on attending.


Steve Bouchard leads the community learning experience and manages client relationships at XCHANGE, an organization that designs and facilitates transformational learning experiences for teams, communities and companies. Steve combines his 18+ years of corporate experience with the power of the XCHANGE Approach, a scientifically proven, strengths-based methodology that is used to unlock potential and help community members and clients perform at their best.

Choose Your Experience


USD $1,795* SOLD OUT!

30-Days of On-Demand Access: $200 Access post-event: $249


USD $1,795*

30-Days of On-Demand Access: $200 Access post-event: $249
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