Visionary Masterclass

April 9
The Visionary Masterclass takes you on a deep dive into your Visionary DNA to explore your inherent strengths, reflect on your unique challenges, and equip you with the tools needed to elevate your organization to new heights
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Integrator Masterclass

April 9
If you’re the #2 leader in an entrepreneurial organization, the Integrator Masterclass will open the door to the mastery-level community, show you how to increase your capacity, and help you build a stronger relationship with your Visionary.
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Integrator Mastery Forum QIE

April 10
The Integrator Mastery Forum™ is the #1 Rocket Fuel™ Community and training program for Integrators. The people in this supportive peer group advise and teach each other to help strengthen their relationships with their Visionaries and become  masterful Integrators in every respect.
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Great Boss Workshop

April 10
The Great Boss Workshop is an intensive online seminar where we’ll teach you 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you be a Great Boss. Learn a process and some simple tools that will improve your communication skills, create clear expectations and help you deal with today's most common “people issues
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USD $1,795* SOLD OUT!

30-Days of On-Demand Access: $200 Access post-event: $249


USD $1,795*

30-Days of On-Demand Access: $200 Access post-event: $249
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