2023 U.S. EOS Conference


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Pre-Conference Sessions | Wednesday 12:30PM - 4:45PM


Joe Camberato

CEO & Founder
National Business Capital


The market is changing rapidly, and banks continue to tighten. Don’t let fear or lack of access to capital restrict your growth in any market. Be prepared, and take advantage of opportunities. In today’s ever-changing market, it has never been more important to know your 8 Cash Flow Drivers and understand alternative lending sources. Even if you’re turned down for traditional financing, there are solutions available. Come learn and grow with National Business Capital’s CEO, Joe Camberato.


Joe Camberato is the CEO and founder of National Business Capital – the leading fintech marketplace, helping entrepreneurs access competitive financing fast through an easy-to-use online platform and experienced team. Joe knows entrepreneurs because he is an entrepreneur. With a strong vision, determination, and passionate leadership, Joe grew his firm from a small operation in his spare bedroom to one of the top workplaces on Long Island – all without one dollar of private equity.

Chuck Wachendorfer

President, Distribution


Personal core values can serve as guideposts for goal setting and goal attainment in one’s personal and professional life. Depending where you are on the EOS journey, the Personal Core Values of your leadership team or employee population can be key to defining your company’s values. And, if your company values are established, understanding the Personal Core Values of your employees can help determine if you have the right people in the right seats. In this session learn practical ways to connect and lead employees to see the path forward to actualizing their full potential.


Chuck Wachnedorfer is President of  Distribution at think2perform, an executive coach and co-author of “Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Fix It”. In this capacity Chuck is tasked with diversifying distribution channels for the company’s products and services. In servicing clients, Chuck provide executives and business owners who want to achieve top performance without sacrificing balance.

Cyndi Gave

The Metiss Group

How Well Would Your Team Compete In A Business Olympics?

Most leaders will respond favorably when asked how strong their teamis, but when taken through a process to evaluate each member of the teamone at a time, it becomes apparent each has opportunities to improve. In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each teammember, plot themon a 4 quadrant model, and based on the quadrant in which they are plotted, learn the leadership techniques needed to accelerate perfomance.


Cyndi Gave is President of The Metiss Group, a talent management consulting firmproviding selection and development solutions since 1996. Raised outside of New York City, Cyndi holds a bachelor‘s degree fromMichigan State University. As a student of human behavior, Cyndi’s approaches are practical, effective, and designed to be implemented with relative ease. She has demonstrated her passion for aligning talent management strategies to business objectives for 30+ years.

Bill Poole



The Sales Scorecard is the most significant barrier for many entrepreneurs to scale and grow. Turning your Sales Scorecard into an actionable asset that enables you to hit your goals is a journey. It can be a frustrating journey, but one worth taking.

Get ready to join us and roll up your sleeves for this workshop, where you will leave with the following:

  • An understanding of what your Sales Scorecard should tell you
  • A sales metric that can move the needle now for your specific business
  • An actionable plan to improve your sales scorecard.


Bill is passionate about helping entrepreneurial businesses grow to create opportunities for people to work in healthy, fulfilling environments.

Bill is able to put his passion to work by leading Convergo to help entrepreneurs meet their growth goals by taking sales and marketing where their operating system left off.

Before his work with Convergo, Bill led a marketing agency to double revenue growth in his second year there. Previous to that, his consulting company had a track record of 8 years of success in leveraging processes, skills, and tools to help technology and services companies deliver value in many different industries and environments. Other experience includes consistently being at the top of the sales leaderboard.

When Bill is not helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, he enjoys live music, mountain biking, skiing, and outdoor adventures in his home state of Colorado with his wife and four-legged barking friend.

Jon LoDuca

Founder & Visionary

A Playbook for FBA – Driving Engagement and Accountability with Process

Just like having a brochure doesn’t guarantee sales, having your processes documented doesn’t guarantee they’ll be used…much less achieve team results. But for those who do execute, for those who do drive implementation and adoption of process, they capture uncommon success. So how to do it?

In this workshop-style presentation PlaybookBuilder Founder and Visionary, Jon LoDuca provides a robust playbook you can use to launch your project, drive engagement, and FINALLY realize FBA success.


Jon LoDuca is the founder and CEO of PlaybookBuilder, an award-winning knowledge management software that helps teams worldwide capture and share corporate wisdom. Jon has over 20 years’ experience working closely with several hundred of the top CEOs in the US, UK and Canada. He has been featured in Forbes and the Wall St Journal, he is a TEDx speaker and the author of The Thought Leader.

Ed Barone & Chris McKenna

Evergreen Wealth & Carlton Mckenna

Executing your Ideal Exit 

Sometimes living an “EOS Life” means you need to examine whether or not you continue owning all of your current business. By proactively planning for a transition, you can be more in control of writing your next chapter. We will look at how planning to sell, recapitalize, or transfer your business impacts valuation, and how combining personal planning and a strong process can optimize your outcomes.


Ed Barone, joined Evergreen Wealth Solutions ensemble in 2018. Ed is a seasoned wealth manager, with over 22 years’ experience in Wealth Management. The last 12 years, Ed has focused on Business Exit Planning for privately held business and Institutional Asset Management. Ed leads the Evergreen Exits ensemble of experts in planning and asset integration providing customized exit strategies for entrepreneurs. Ed will coordinate your M&A advisory team through the exit of your business.

Before joining Carleton McKenna, Chris acquired a Cleveland manufacturing business where he was President and CEO. Previously, Chris was the Director of Financial Analysis with the MacLean-Fogg Company and an Associate with the investment banking firm of Rodman & Renshaw in New York. Chris serves on the boards of numerous private corporations. Chris received his B.A. in Economics from Dartmouth College and his M.B.A. with High Distinction from the University of Michigan Business School.


Shannon Waller

Entrepreneurial Team Strategist
Strategic Coach

Activating Your 10x Breakthrough: Why 10x Is Easier Than 2x

Shannon Waller will explain how thinking in terms of 10x expands your Four Freedoms of time, money, relationship, and purpose and how to break out of your current comfort zone using The 4 C’s Formula®. She’ll also share ways to implement the Who Not How™ approach—finding the right people to help you achieve your goals rather than doing everything yourself.


Shannon Waller is a passionate expert on entrepreneurial teams. With Strategic Coach® since 1991, she’s the creator of The Entrepreneurial Team® Program, a parallel program for team members of Coach clients that focuses on fostering a winning Entrepreneurial Attitude in its participants. A key decision-maker at Strategic Coach and a recognized entrepreneurial team expert, Shannon is a sought-after speaker, presenter, and coach.

Chris Ronzio

Founder & CEO

Get your business out of your brain

Have you ever wondered if your business could still run if suddenly you weren’t there to run it?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to successfully document what you do, so that you can train your team and scale your business to run without you. You’ll come away with actionable steps to create the perfect onboarding and training experience to grow your team and maximize any new hires’ longevity at your company. Learn Chris Ronzio’s proven system for breaking down your policies and procedures, and leave this presentation with your playbook already started.


Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS platform that transforms the way small businesses onboard, train and scale their teams. Chris is the host of the “Organize Chaos” podcast as well as the author of the best- selling book “The Business Playbook – How to Document and Delegate What You Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You.”

Kyle Mealy

VP of Growth
Rocket Clicks

Online Marketing: Are You Spending Dollars That Don’t Make Cents?

If you’re pouring thousands of dollars into digital marketing, you deserve to know exactly what that investment is getting you. But, all too often, getting straight answers on the ROI of digital marketing feels impossible. What channels should you focus on? How much should you be spending on agencies or vendors? What can you expect back in return? If you’re fed up with asking questions and being told “it’s not that simple,” it’s time to take control of your marketing function. Arm yourself with the right information, and you can evaluate the value of your digital marketing investment yourself.


A dynamic leader, teacher, and speaker, Kyle Mealy is hardwired to unlock hidden potential in people and organizations.

Kyle discovered his passion for growth early in his career when he was brought on as Integrator of a small entrepreneurial organization. Under his leadership, the business quickly doubled in revenue, increased profit 10x, and built a lasting foundation of systems and processes. He was hooked.

Today, as VP of Growth at Rocket Clicks, Kyle has helped achieve record growth over the past two years. His experience gives him a unique perspective to share with leaders looking to grow their business.

Jenna Spencer

Founder & Visionary


Learn why delegation is a vital component of growing as a leader, by discovering the real reasons we don’t delegate more and how to overcome these setbacks to grow faster.


Jenna Spencer is the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro™, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders. Since founding AssistPro in 2014, Jenna has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them find the ”Right-Fit Assistant™ and teaching them how to delegate and develop their assistants into leaders, as well. Under her direction and leadership, AssistPro has grown more than 50% each year since its founding – and has led to her creation and launch of an extension of the company devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master the art of delegation.

David Kolbe & Amy Bruske

Kolbe Corp

There is an I in Team: How the Best Leaders Survive & Thrive

The truth is, Visionaries and Integrators spend a lot of time thinking about everybody else. You’re making sure systems are running, and your teams have what they need to be productive. But all evidence shows the business grows or dies around you as the leader. So, join David Kolbe and Amy Bruske fromKolbe Corp for an expert look at how to make the most of your EOS investment. You’ll discover your own strengths and learn how to resist all the “good” advice you’re getting.


David Kolbe is on a mission to help people tap into the part of the mind, conation, that can drastically improve the way you and those around you get things done. David’s an expert in how instinctive strengths drive and predict performance. His role as the CEOand Visionary for Kolbe Corp allows David to empower individuals, businesses, and non-profits to use conative strengths in the ways they care about most.

As President, and Integrator of Kolbe Corp, Amy is the person you turn to when you need to move your organization forward. She works tirelessly to help business teams and leaders get things done with less pain. Amy is one of only three Senior Master Consultants in the Kolbe Concept™— the authoritative theory for human instinct and performance. She co-authored the groundbreaking family business guidebook Business is Business with Kathy Kolbe and proudly serves as Chairman of the Center for Conative Abilities.

Jim Hardwick

Chief Community Officer

2023 State of Sales

We are going to walk through the top 10 reasons Why Sales Are Not Increasing as planned and how you should go about making sure that doesn’t happen to your company. How other business rank themselves in the key areas that support sales: Sales Strategy, Sales Methodology, Sales Organization and Sales Analysis. You will walk away with new insights on what you to need to build or improve to drive growth. Practical information and tools you can use right away.


Jim is a seasoned sales leader with over 32 years of sales experience. He moved from a full-time to part-time Outsourced VP of Sales with Sales Xceleration to move into our Chief Community Officer. He brings his passion and sales leadership experience to our community as well as his clients. Jim and his wife also have a non-profit Hardwick Foundation that supports emergency dental care for the Masai tribe in Kenya.


Jonathan D. Reynolds

CEO & Visionary
Titus Talent

The Undeniable Connection between Growth, Retention and Generosity

What if we told you that your giving strategy, or lack of, could be having a negative impact on your organization’s growth and employee retention? The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from half to five times the employee’s salary, so the solution seems simple, keeping your people helps you grow your bottom line. By focusing on generosity, we’ve proven that you can not only find the right hire but also engage, retain, and develop your people. Learn more about the undeniable link between growth, retention, and generosity.


As CEO of Titus Talent Strategies, Jonathan is a visionary, entrepreneur, and game-changer. He is energized by inspiring company leaders and equipping them with unique approaches to better understand their people, foster organizational alignment, and create optimum performance among their team members. His fun stories and British accent will draw you in, while his cutting edge ideas and practical strategies will leave you empowered to implement change.

Kyle Walbrun

Founder & Visionary

Life Is Better with an Assistant

“Don’t Do $25-an-Hour Work” – Gino Wickman. If there’s one thing most business leaders have in common, it’s the tendency to take on tasks that don’t build their business. They get bogged down sifting through emails, scheduling appointments, booking travel, invoicing and completing other $25/hour tasks. This valuable time should be spent working “on” business and not “in” it.


Kyle Walbrun is the Founder & Visionary of EfficientAide, a 100%-virtual assistant company. He has a passion for helping professionals work effectively and proficiently through his proven process of successful delegation. In Kyle’s 10+ years of experience, he has partnered with a wide variety of senior leaders and EOS Implementers, strategizing on how to build efficiencies within leadership teams.

He believes that well-trained assistants allow senior leaders to work “on” their business and not “in” their business.

Since its founding in 2012, EfficientAide has served over 250 clients, in many industries, across the United States.

Amanda Campana & Bethany Vasek


Hire the Right Person for the Right Seat*

Discover a simple and effective assessment tool that will transform you into a hiring expert–every time you hire. Never again will you hire someone only to say, “That is not the person I interviewed!”


Amanda Campana is VisionSpark’s Search Consultant. As her clients’ primary point of contact, she works closely with them to understand their priorities, define their open positions, and narrow down their candidate choices. Her greatest gratification comes from seeing how excited and relieved her clients are when we find the right person for the open right seat. Amanda lives in Columbus with her husband, Steve, their kids, Tommy and Marina, and their dog, Jilly Bean. She enjoys going to Tommy’s Varsity basketball games, singing Disney songs in the car with Marina, and spending as much time outside as possible. 

Bethany Vasek has been the Assessment Specialist at VisionSpark for four years. She is passionate about team health and getting the right people in the right seats. She meets with our clients’ key stakeholders, to help them understand their personal assessment results as well as those of their candidates and/or team. When Bethany’s not at work, she likes spending one on one time with the people she loves, asking them questions and listening to their stories. She enjoys thrifting, garage sales, podcasts and sitting around a campfire.

Kim S. Baker

Founder & Visionary
Vivid Performance Group

Team Trust: Demystified and Simplified

Trust is a hot topic, yet we continue to flounder in our efforts to build and maintain trust in our workplace. Trust is complex, abstract, and emotionally provocative rendering trust building in relationships-especially teams-a challenge. Built through behavior and felt in energy, a lack of trust tangibly impacts people, culture, and business results.

Join this session to demystify why building and maintaining trust is a challenge, discover how trust building efforts can paradoxically harm trust, learn the top 5 team trust strengths and trust struggles, and walk away with a simple framework to build trust in your teams and organization.


I am a self-confessed optimistic, pragmatic, “improveaholic” with a purpose to increase the capabilities of myself and others to learn and grow.

I live this passion by creating happier, more trusting, get-it-done employees, teams, and leaders through “best in class, fit for purpose” solutions. These are science-backed, real-world proven assessments, training, coaching and facilitation methods that are affordable, practical and easy to adopt.

My unique methodology reveals and develops the innate desires and capabilities of employees and teams within a goal-directed, results-oriented, accountable framework. As a result, your business mission becomes their business focus.

Eric Keiles

Square 2 Marketing

Get Results! Eliminate Random Acts of Marketing

By using the Revenue Generation System (RGS), you can complement your team’s EOS efforts by adding a unique framework to drive revenue from your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. RGS helps your team BOTH develop a killer strategy and aid your team’s weekly efforts to drive sales. Explore the six pillars of this unique revenue generation system and learn how to install it. Packed with many company examples, you will understand how to grow sales more effectively than ever before!


Eric Keiles is a leading sales and marketing strategist focused on pioneering new marketing methodology. Eric and his partner Mike coined the concept, Revenue Generation SystemTM to describe how businesses can utilize cost effective marketing strategies and tactics to achieve dramatic revenue growth. They are changing the way entrepreneurs think about driving revenue. Marketing Sherpa has called the duo “original and contrarian marketers”. He is a popular author and speaker.

Tiffany Sauder

CEO Element Three



Do you feel like your business has taken more from you than it will ever be able to give you? Tiffany was there too. Her business became a monster that was eating everything she loved. Tiffany was young, excited, ambitious, and had a vision but lacked the skills and wisdom to build a world-class company. In this session, Tiffany will share the mistakes she made and critical insights found from the journey of implementing EOS that changed her business and her life. Since implementing EOS, Element Three has had record profitability, employee engagement, and client results. Tiffany is living the life she dreamed of and she’ll share how you can get there too.

Tiffany Sauder is the CEO of Element Three, a full-service marketing consultancy in Indianapolis. After taking over in 2006, she transformed E3 from a small creative shop into one of the fastest-growing marketing consultancies in the Midwest.
She knows that business is anything but an individual sport. So while she’s received awards like IBJ’s 40 Under 40, Junior Achievement’s Best and Brightest, and Krannert’s Burton Entrepreneurship Award, she credits much of that success to the E3ers who have worked hard to make Element Three a special place. Under Tiffany’s leadership, the company has appeared on the Inc. 5000 six times, brought home a “Best of Show” ADDY Award, claimed spots on the IBJ Fast 25: Fastest Growing Businesses, and won HubSpot’s Agency of the Year.
Along with these achievements, Tiffany is an active member of the Indiana chapter of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), and sits on the boards for Gibson Insurance, YPO Indiana, and Orr Fellowship.

BREAKOUT SESSION 1 | Thursday - 9:30AM – 10:30AM

Beth Fahey

Certified EOS Implementer


Being a Great Boss starts with having a great mindset. It’s the first step in learning to lead and manage your teams. Unfortunately, many of us didn’t get the training we needed before we started managing people. And even fewer of us have taken the time to work on the most critical part of that equation, OURSELVES. Beth Fahey, a presenter of the Great Boss Workshops, leads this breakout session. She’ll share stories of her missteps as a boss, explore why being a boss is so complicated, and will give you an actionable worksheet for you to use in your next interaction with your direct report.


Beth Fahey is a Certified EOS Implementer and presenter of the very popular “How to Be a Great Boss Workshops,” offered through EOS Worldwide.

Before becoming a Certified EOS Implementer, Beth worked as a camera assistant in the film business, owned a bakery, and was the president of a national trade association. She used EOS in her own companies before transitioning to EOS Implementer in 2018. Beth is passionate about helping leaders on their journey toward personal growth via the EOS process. She lives in Chicago, IL.

Shea Peffly

Certified EOS Implementer


Learn the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of IDS’ng Stuff. If you want to learn how to normalize issue solving and transfer IDS’ng into all areas of your EOS Life, join this session where we will deep-dive WHAT to IDS, WHY it’s a journey of progress and HOW to create the most impact in every IDS session you have. Learn tips and best practices to support your IDS’ng transformation towards mastery.


Shea Peffly serves her clients and leadership teams to achieve discipline and accountability and steer their organizations to elevated levels of success.

Shea has over 25 years of business experience and entrepreneurship as an influencer, facilitator, and coach who has successfully implemented EOS as an Integrator and CEO. Being the daughter of a Marine Sergeant, her entrepreneurial experiences and first-hand appreciation for the challenges and obstacles leaders face drive the value of helping leaders navigate difficult situations and conversations. She has sat in your seat and ultimately wants business leaders to live the best version of self and life.

Barry Barrett

Certified EOS Implementer


Most EOS companies are clear on the 3-Uniques that speak to the value they bring to their Target Market. The major struggle is how to deliver a frictionless and seamless sales process that walks the client through the best journey to get them from the Marketing pipeline to closing the sale in the most efficient way. In this break out you will learn how to go from a slow clunky process or complete lack of process to having a profitable and effective sales process that helps you gain your dream customers.


Barry is an entrepreneur at his core after leaving the Marine Corps over 20 years ago. He started his career in sales with a thirst for learning and a drive for excellence. After helping start and grow a successful family-owned automotive repair shop from the ground up within four years, the business reached $1 million in annual sales. After leaving Auto Excel, he started a sales training company that grew to over $1.5 million in annual sales that currently trains salespeople in almost all 50 states. Ten years later, both businesses operate smoothly because of strong leadership teams and the EOS system. Barry is driven, caring, passionate, and never backs down from a competition, traits that he helps impart with his clients, and the Warm Leads team to help grow their businesses. He is fully present with every single client, giving equal passion and attention to everyone he serves.   

Jessica Nunez

President and Founder True Point Agency



Jessica Nunez launched TruePoint Communications in 2006. She has since grown it into a multimillion-dollar company, comprising a team of 40 PR and digital media professionals across the U.S. Her effective leadership, commitment to developing others and passion for propelling brands forward have resulted in her agency experiencing a growth rate of over 20% for five consecutive years.

Jessica has led milestone initiatives and innovative campaigns for some of the nation’s largest and most influential companies, including AT&T, Mary Kay, Jamba Juice and Belk. Early in her career, she introduced the iPod on national TV and discovered the joy in providing on-camera services. She is a regular guest on HSN and has appeared on TV in almost all of the top 100 US markets. She also serves as a spokesperson and media advisor, focusing on crisis communications.

Walt Brown

Expert EOS Implementer


“Question: Where is all evil buried? Answer: In the Accountability Chart.” – Gino Wickman.

Unfortunately, Accountability Charts becoming stale is normal. One reason is that it gets stuck at the SLT level, never fully rolled out, not kept alive by your individual contributors who own the Seats and Roles. In this session Uncle Walt will help you see your A Chart in a different light and will share a specific facilitation you can take back to your organization that will get everyone engaged in updating and linking this important tool to the rest of the EOS® Model. Bring your notepad – this is interactive – on a whiteboard – no slides – a working session – just like in the session room.


Most of us know Uncle Walt. Walt is our 4th EOSI, trained by Don and Gino in Gino’s Livonia office in 2008. He started career life as an audit CPA with EY® before founding Layline Inc in 1986. Layline became a .com that Walt sold to a family office in 2006. Walt can show you his real world scars that came from his experiences of business ownership with employees.
In 2007 Gallup trained Walt in their employee engagement approaches, he has used these lessons to help EOS® clients get deep EOS® buy-in from employees. Walt is closing in on his 200th EOS® client and will share an advanced approach to Organizational Health that leverages pure EOS® and employee engagement surveys.

Debra Niewald

Expert EOS Implementer


How to Find True North and Stay the Course

Integrators must invest in understanding the measurables that make your business tick. They own LMA, P&L, execution of the business plan, company scorecards and return on energy invested. That being said, anyone who’s running a department or business unit must be skilled at using data to their advantage.

Are you clear on the signs that you are on the right path…ultimately arriving at your destination? What do you do when you find yourself “lost” or off the path? Do you freeze and panic? Do you keep going, hoping for the best? Do you send up a rescue flare? Or are you the sort who gets creative and finds a way?

This breakout focuses on both the Wayfinding behaviors and physical signs that can have the greatest impact on using “data” to find your way, stay the course and successfully arrive at your destination. If this is not an area where you feel skilled, come prepared to learn and leverage the insights of experts who are are committed to mastering this discipline.


Debra is a tireless advocate who brings her abundant energy to helping people create transformation in their businesses and personal lives. As an Expert EOS Implementor® she helps entrepreneurial companies and their leadership teams realize their untapped potential and achieve masterful results. She brings over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur who has grown businesses including one from tech start-up through acquisition by one of the Fortune 500. She has coached and mentored hundreds of business owners and CEOs as a Chair of CEO Roundtables. She is also a Rocket Fuel Facilitator who leads Integrator Mastery Forums where the primary objective is to help Integrators become their best. Debra is a Certified Kolbe Consultant,™ TTISI® DISC Behavioral Analyst, and Somatic Coach. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri and Payson, Arizona with her husband, Greg, a retired Naval Commander. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University.

Jim Coyle

Expert EOS Implementer


Have you ever wondered if there are ways to get even more out of your EOS Implementation? There are! Come find out how the best EOS companies take their implementation to the next level.


Jim Coyle is a Certified EOS Implementer® and one of a few EOS Implementer Coaches. For more than 22 years, Jim has been helping companies grow, achieve financial success, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Jim ‘cut his teeth’ in corporate consulting, advising the likes of Ocean Spray, Allstate, Accenture, Bombardier, and other Fortune 500 companies. However, Jim gained his true business expertise by working through the issues and opportunities that all small business owners face. Jim has owned a bar and restaurant in Chicago, a paint contracting business, a jewelry design and sales operation, a real estate investment company, and a business advisory company just to name a few. Through this work, Jim found his true passion: helping businesses reach their full potential.

Shane Spillers

Certified EOS Implementer

From Chaos to Clarity: Using the EOS Meeting Pulse to Improve Your Team’s Communication 


Shane spent a decade in professional services on Risk Assurance, Business Intelligence, and Process Improvement engagements with Deloitte and EY. He was presented with an opportunity to step into a new family business venture, which quickly grew, but the business didn’t have an operating system in place to handle the growth. He found EOS, read Traction, and hired a Professional EOS Implementer. EOS immediately filled the gaps and pulled everything together — tripling the business in size. As EOS was implemented into his management company, Shane implemented EOS into a number of closely-held businesses and hospitality clients yielding similar results. Now, he dedicates his time to helping other entrepreneurs get control of their businesses by implementing EOS.

Shane enjoys leading fast-moving, high-growth, and highly successful entrepreneurial Leadership Teams through their journey to become their best!


Founder & CEO of Trainual


Have you ever wondered if your business could still run if suddenly you weren’t there to run it?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to successfully document what you do, so that you can train your team and scale your business to run without you. You’ll come away with actionable steps to create the perfect onboarding and training experience to grow your team and maximize any new hires’ longevity at your company. Learn Chris Ronzio’s proven system for breaking down your policies and procedures, and leave this presentation with your playbook already started.

RAND STAGEN & Jay Swindle



BREAKOUT SESSION 2 | Thursday - 10:50AM – 11:50AM


Certified EOS Implementer

Vision Super Powers

Using the vision of the company to empower, engage, attract, and elevate people in your organization to improve productivity and profitability.


I give visionary entrepreneurs the life they thought they were going to have.

I do this by implementing a system that makes their company predictable and sustainable.

Build a business that runs on its own:

  • Predict success
  • Grow your business
  • Realize your vision

Over the past 30 years I’ve been over my head in debt, had coworkers steal money and found myself with no plan to improve. Then I found a system that helped me turn my business around, launch four others and have one 8 figure exit. Since then I have led over 300 sessions with entrepreneurial leaders helping them realize their dreams.

Go from whack-a-mole management to a systematized process to align your team, successfully predict outcomes and life the life you deserve.

Dawn Clarke

Certified EOS Implementer


This fun and interactive breakout dives into how to improve your Leadership Team Scorecard, Departmental Scorecards and Create Measurables for all Team Members.

You will leave this breakout with:

1. An understanding of how to have a data-driven company that gets RESULTS.

2. A written Action Plan of how to get there.


Dawn is a lifelong entrepreneur who has founded, grown, and sold multiple companies and is now dedicated to helping others create their own fun-to-run, self-managing companies.

After getting “stuck” with plateaued growth and people issues in one of her companies, Dawn implemented EOS to get “unstuck”. The results in just 2.5 years were incredible: Revenue doubled. Productivity, profitability, and team morale increased, and her team members (800+ across the system) were now “bought-in” to the company vision and having fun executing on it.

Dawn is a Certified EOS Implementor and splits her time between North Texas and Southern Colorado.

Jeff Whittle

Expert EOS Implementer

Using Your Core Values to Improve HIring and Retention

Does this candidate really share your core values? Are you hanging on to the ones who do? Thirty EOS Implementers brainstormed practical ways to leverage your core values to hire the best people and keep them. See what they came up with.


Jeff Whittle is a Certified Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. His prior executive roles included C-level positions in sales, marketing, product management, and strategic planning across industries ranging from technology development to professional services to manufacturing.

Jeff has an MBA from the University of Florida, a J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law and a B.A. from the University of South Florida. In 2012 Jeff was named by the U.S. Department of Commerce to serve on the National Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Award.

Drew Clancy




Drew Clancy is a workplace culture enthusiast. He serves as President of Publishing Concepts (PCI) where he and his team are passionate about helping universities and non-profit organizations engage their alumni and donors to raise money to achieve their missions. In 2022, PCI was named by Fortune magazine #55 Best Medium Workplace in the U.S. PCI has also been named twice the #1 midsize workplace in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine and twice the #1 best place to work in Arkansas by Arkansas Business magazine. Drew is passionate about unlocking human potential and leading with a servant’s heart. He welcomes the opportunity to connect with others who are interested in building great workplace cultures. He and his wife Carey have a blended family with six kids!

Steven Neuner

CEO Chief Illuminator


Mindset vs. Identity…Do you understand the difference?

Cultivating a healthy Growth Identity helps leaders and teams navigate strong and often loud opinions in a powerful way that allows them to take risks, pursue new opportunities, and achieve their goals. This conversation will help cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


A lifetime entrepreneur and learner, Steven Neuner, stands out as a leader of compassion and innovation.
Starting his first “real” business in his twenties at home with no money, capabilities, or connections. With a ton of hustle, grit, and the love and support of his wife, Corey, his best friend and first “investor/partner,” Steven has built, scaled, and exited multiple multi-million-dollar companies.
Steven’s passion is empowering Entrepreneurs to reach new levels of Freedom and Growth.
On Free Days, the Neuners LOVE taking on family adventures with their three children, huge extended family, and closest friends. For more, please visit StevenJNeuner.com.


Certified EOS Implementer


Discover and unleash the 6 timeless principles at the heart of EOS.


Philip is a 5th generation entrepreneur who is a teacher and guide for high performing teams looking to elevate into their unique leadership ability.

Randy McDougal

Certified EOS Implementer


Open and honest teams find ways to work smarter, solve real issues faster, and execute better. They are better prepared to pivot quickly and convert challenges into successes. Want to dig deeper in your team? Randy shares simple and practical steps to go more open and honest with your EOS tools.


Randy started his first business in high school because he made “way more in less time” washing windows than at Chick-Fil-A, especially once he figured out how to quote jobs and pick the right customers.

A decade later, while bootstrapping a design and printing company to $3 million and 4 locations, Randy faced many business realities: people issues (including a real life fire), making payroll when all the bank accounts were empty, and being acquired by a national company.

Randy also co-founded a group that started companies in 7 industries, including data centers, R&D contracting, aviation fueling, and a company selected to redevelop the Astrodome for $500 million (that last one did not fly…).

Randy now helps business leaders implement EOS to get what they want from their business.

Mike Morse

My 15 year journey with Gino and creating Fireproof, a process to take any business from unpredictable to wildly profitable


Ken Painter

Strata Wealth CEO and Founder



Ken Painter is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strata Wealth Advisors. He works with families to fully explore and develop their vision, values and goals and then coordinates with their team of advisors to optimize financial planning and investments.

With access to specialists across the country, Ken manages the most complex family situations. Since 2000, he has helped countless families significantly reduce their estate tax burden and has implemented numerous
strategies to help improve family estate/asset protection — all while ensuring a smooth transition of wealth
from one generation to the next.

Ken earned his B.B.A. in Finance from the University of North Texas and later obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. He started his career at Fidelity Investments where his sole focus was investment
planning. Seeking a more comprehensive and objective approach, he left Fidelity in 2003 and co-founded KPLL Private Wealth, Inc. In 2017, he launched Strata Wealth Advisors as an independent wealth management firm.


Rocket Clicks


Are you regularly “solving” marketing issues, but still not getting Traction? The key isn’t to throw more money at your marketing budget. Our breakout session gives you a simple framework to align your marketing efforts with the needs of your business and get laser-focused on the channels, approaches, and metrics that will drive real results.

3 Takeaways:

  • Learn a simple framework to align marketing with the outcomes your business needs.
  • Identify the biggest obstacles marketing needs to remove in order to drive results in line with your V/TO.
  • Evaluate whether your marketing is currently focused on the channels, approaches, and measurables that will make the biggest impact.


A dynamic leader, teacher, and speaker, Kyle Mealy is hardwired to unlock hidden potential in people and organizations.

Kyle discovered his passion for growth early in his career. When he was brought on as Integrator of a small entrepreneurial organization, the business quickly doubled in revenue, drove a 10x increase in profit, and built a lasting foundation of systems and processes under his leadership. He was hooked.

Today, as VP of Growth at Rocket Clicks, Kyle has helped achieve record growth over the past two years. His experience gives him a unique perspective to share with leaders looking to grow their businesses.

Lewis Schiff

Chairman, Board of Experts, Birthing of Giants, LLC



Lewis Schiff is the chairman of the Board of Experts for Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program held at The Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University and the Executive Director of Moonshots and Moneymakers: The Oxford Innovation Conference for American Entrepreneurs held at St. Edmund at Oxford University. Schiff is the host of the video series, “How I Did It: Step-by-Step Explainer Videos from Fast-Growth Entrepreneurs.” Schiff previously founded Inc. Magazine’s Business Owners Council where he interviewed some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the world and has authored or co-authored several books on success, including The First Habit: The One Technique That Can Change Your Life and Business Brilliant: Surprising Lesson from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons. Over the past two decades, Schiff built and sold two media businesses to publicly traded companies, iVillage and TheStreet.com.


Author & Organizational Psychologist



  • Laying the science of future self and a 10x-psychology
  • How to 10x your identity, become psychologically flexible and continually letting go of your past self
  • Living as your future self: raising your flow, making power moves, optimizing for focus and recovery flow, and peak experiences

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist, author, and the world’s leading expert on the application of the Future Self science. His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and his blogs have been read by hundreds of millions.

He and his wife, Lauren, are the parents of six kids. They live in Orlando, Florida.

BREAKOUT SESSION 3 | Thursday - 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Josh Holtzman

Certified EOS Implementer


Achieving big goals requires vast amounts of energy. You lead an organization because you have recognized you cannot realize your vision alone – you require the energy of many. In this session, join Josh Holtzman, Expert EOS Implementer, and learn how to inspire, have your vision Shared By All (SBA), and get all the energy of your people flowing in the same direction.


Josh Holtzman is a fourth generation entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer. Prior to joining the EOS community, Josh founded a technology services firm, which he guided to two exits before joining the EOS community in 2017. It was EOS that Josh largely credits to the success of the firm. In 2019, Josh combined his passion for technology and EOS to found SessionGuru, a practice management solution created by EOS Implementers for EOS Implementers. SessionGuru was acquired by EOS WorldWide in 2021 to become the foundation of EOS One for Implementers. Josh resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and two children.

Sue Hawkes

Expert EOS Implementer



Sue Hawkes started her first business at age 10 and was immediately bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. She’s moved on from her childhood days of selling macrame plant hangers to now helping business owners be intentionally great in their businesses, as leaders, and in their lives. In addition to serving as CEO of YESS!, Sue is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, Expert EOS® Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair and globally recognized seminar leader.

She is a frequent contributor to Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and Entrepreneur and has been recognized by the Regional U.S. Small Business Administration’s Women in Business Champion of the Year award, Women Who Lead from Minnesota Business Magazine, NAWBO Minnesota’s Achieve! Vision Award and named a 2018 Enterprising Woman of the Year.


Certified EOS Implementer


Does the mention of “documented processes” bring tears to your eyes? Are they tears of joy or tears of misery? Join Lisa González, co-author of Process! as she returns to share the common mindsets that prevent visionary leaders from getting their core processes documented and followed by all. Learn the practical tools to create an efficient, profitable, or scalable business.


Leaders that run on EOS® “run a better business and live a better life!” In fact, Lisa has experienced these very benefits.

Before becoming a Professional EOS Implementer®, Lisa was an employment defense lawyer at Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO) in Denver, Colorado. She was recruited from law to operations and joined a design/build start-up. The company expanded to locations in Colorado, Minnesota, and Illinois. After years of using various tools to improve operations, she implemented EOS®.

EOS® made a dramatic impact across the business: consistent profits, documented processes, and a strong leadership team. Lisa became committed to sharing EOS® with other growth-minded companies and transitioned out of the organization to become an EOS® Implementer.

Lisa is a former board member of the CHBA and Young Professionals Organization (YPO).  She has also been a member of EO and Vistage. Today, she is an EOS® peer group chair and a talented Implementer who understands the practical realities of executing EOS® in your firm or business. 

Lisa works with clients in varied industries including law, venture capital, technology, manufacturing, professional services, finance, real estate, and construction. She is passionate about supporting you and your leadership team and will help you take your firm or business to the next level.   Lisa is also the co-author of the next book in the Traction Library.  Coming to bookstores in Fall 2022!


Certified EOS Implementer


Sometimes it can feel like you are on the “Island of EOS Self Implementation”. You have probably even made one of the following statements to yourself or your team:

“I wonder what other companies implementing EOS are doing with this EOS Tool or Concept.” or

“I wish I had someone that I could ask about this particular EOS issue.”

Now is your chance. Come join other Self Implementers to get your questions answered as well as hear the answers to questions you didn’t think to ask.


After spending 13 years in the corporate world, Curtis became an entrepreneur.  He has started four companies, including a fractional CFO Services firm.  In that company, he found his love for coaching entrepreneurial leadership teams.

Curtis was introduced to EOS over 10 years ago and decided to self-implement in one of his companies that had plateaued.  It was a game changer as the company doubled in less than three years and ultimately sold for a high multiple.

Now, he helps other entrepreneurs and their leadership teams implement EOS so they can get what they want from their businesses.

Jon Berghoff

CEO/Founder XChange Approach



JON BERGHOFF is the Co-Founder of XCHANGE and leads the design and facilitation of the training experiences for our community. Under Jon’s leadership, the XCHANGE team has designed and facilitated whole-system change efforts through large-group collaborative summits, and the XCHANGE approach deployment has expanded.

Ross Gibbs

Certified EOS Implementer


Learn how your vision(V/TO) for your organization is one amazing story! Your ability to tell your story is directly proportional to the clarity and transformation needed to get your organization to the next level. Get ideas to make the words come off the paper and into the heads of all!


After a successful career in Sales & Marketing, Ross – a fourth generation entrepreneur – took his own entrepreneurial leap of faith and started a ‘business coaching’ and consulting firm. Focusing on small to mid-size companies and process management, Ross helped dozens of small businesses simplify and improve their business process and achieve success.

For the past 23 years Ross has mostly been responsible for his own paycheck in various ownership and leadership roles. He has owned 4 businesses including the one he is in now. Prior to that, he and his wife invested, grew, and sold a fitness business. Looking back, he would say he learned the most from his failures.

Today Ross embraces the opportunity to help others achieve results through EOS because, not only has he been in the trenches and ‘in your shoes’, he knows what it takes to succeed and how to get you there. He also had a passion for hockey and recently retired as an NCAA hockey official. He officiated for 17 years and applies his experiences and learnings to his practice and coaching clients.

When Ross isn’t working with leadership teams, he stays physically active, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and four children in Minnesota and Fort Myers, Florida.

Alex Freytag

Expert EOS Implementer


LMA, the first bullet in every leader’s function on your Accountability Chart, often falls in priority to the day-to-day noise of 136 things. In this fun, interactive session, we’ll dust off 3 EOS Tools from the EOS Toolbox, and share many other helpful tools and nuggets that leaders can use to create more positive tension and spend more time working ON the business instead of IN it!


The product of an entrepreneurial household, Alex has spent much of his business experience focused on his passion for being a Hero to Entrepreneurs. Between selling handmade James Dean t-shirts out of his locker in high school, to becoming an Expert EOS Implementer, he ran or helped run four growing businesses before discovering the Entrepreneurial Operating System ® (EOS). In 2020 during the pandemic, he took time to write “Profit Works: Unravel the Complexity of Incentive Plans to Increase Employee Productivity, Cultivate an Engaged Workforce, and Maximize Your Company’s Potential” to help entrepreneurs simplify the topic of incentive plans.

Drawn to simplicity and effectiveness, Alex has since devoted himself to helping others master this complete “way of operating” an entrepreneurial organization to help them get what they want from their businesses and build cultures of employees who think and act like owners. An author and a sought-after speaker, Alex entertains, educates and has introduced EOS and “Profit Works” to thousands of business leaders worldwide.

Justin Maust

Expert EOS Implementer


With passion, humor & intensity, Expert EOS Implementer, Justin Maust will help you…..

  • Increase the speed of your issue solving.
  • Create robust Issues Lists at every level of your organization.
  • Gain more traction – increase your To-Do completion ratio
  • Reduce the people drama, fear of conflict and low engagement
  • Create a mindset to ATTACK the issues, NOT the people.


Justin is an Expert EOS Implementer, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Certified Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Coach for the John Maxwell Team, Founder of Success Loves Discipline and Owner of Rackley Restoration. He only teaches what he practices in his own businesses.

John Shin

Managing Director RSI Security


Returning for a second time, RSI Security explores various strategies for surviving a ransomware attack. RSI Security is a cybersecurity partner that empowers the growth journey of its clients. We are the nation’s premier information security and compliance provider dedicated to helping organizations achieve risk-management success. We work with some of the world’s leading companies, institutions, and governmental entities to ensure their compliance with applicable regulations and data safety. 
Cybersecurity experts; Mohan Shamachar, John Shin, and Dan Fritsche will discuss the nature of ransomware and its potential impact on organizations as well as effective defensive measures for preventing, detecting, and responding to ransomware attacks. Additionally, RSI Security will explain how to create a comprehensive incident response plan and provide guidance on developing one. In 2023, organizations should be aware of the threat posed by ransomware and should take proactive measures to safeguard their systems and data. Come learn how to do so with RSI Security. 


John Shin is the founder and managing director at RSI Security and has over 19 years of Information Technology and Cybersecurity leadership experience working with industries across the board. As a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISM, and Project Management Professional (PMP), John works with businesses of virtually any size and scale to assess and improve cybersecurity strategy and posture. He’s also the author of multiple research papers for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and others.

Alec Broadfoot

Vision Spark



Alec Broadfoot leads VisionSpark – a consulting firm in Worthington, Ohio that adds value to companies by strategically helping them make critical “people” decisions that have a significant bottom-line impact. For more than a decade, VisionSpark has helped hundreds of entrepreneurial companies hire key leaders with a 98% placement rate. His company has become a trusted and sought-after resource for business owners, both locally and nationally, seeking to improve their hiring practices and hire the right leaders. VisionSpark is recognized in the 2023 Inc Regionals as one of the fastest growing companies in the Midwest. 

Alec is a frequent speaker at Vistage International, Conference for Companies Running on EOS®, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, J.P. Morgan Chase, and various podcasts and webinars with organizations like Strategic Coach. 

Prior to forming VisionSpark, Alec served as President of a publishing company and the Chief Executive of a marketing fulfillment firm. The firm was recognized by Business First as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Central Ohio, which also earned his nomination for Ernst and Young’s 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Alec lives in Ohio with his family. 

Bill Richmond

Founding Partner



Bill Richmond is a Founding Partner of Platt Cheema Richmond PLLC, a full-service business law firm based in Texas. Across its nationwide clientele of entrepreneurs and companies, PCR’s bench of nearly thirty attorneys provides counsel regarding corporate transactions, private funds, tax, commercial real estate deals, employment matters, IP and business litigation, trademarks / copyrights / media / sports, and regulatory matters. Bill previously practiced in an international law firm prior to founding PCR, has served multiple terms on the Dallas Bar Association Board of Directors, was President of the Dallas Asian American Bar Association, and was honored as a Dallas Business Journal “40 Under 40” in 2020.

Gino Wickman

Creator of EOS & Author of Traction


How to Build a Strong Leadership Team: What I learned after 2,000 Sessions

An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino had an obsession for learning what makes businesses thrive.

At 25 he took over the family business, which was deeply in debt and in need of help. After turning the company around and running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold the company.

Gino then set out to help business owners and leaders et what they want out of their businesses. Based on his years of real-world experience, he created the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a practical method for helping companies achieve greatness.

He has personally delivered more than 1,900 full-day sessions for more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. He is also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, as well as Get A Grip, Rocket Fuel, How To Be A Great Boss, What the Heck is EOS?, The EOS Life, and Entrepreneurial Leap.

Gino is the founder of EOS Worldwide, an organization that helps thousands of businesses implement EOS with the aid of an international team of over 400 Professional and Certified EOS Implementers and online support. There are over 130,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide.

BREAKOUT SESSION 4 | Friday - 8:00AM – 9:00AM

Sara Stern

Certified EOS Implementer


If you work in a family business this is the must-attend session of the conference – set your alarm early to get a seat in the front row



Other than the fact that her name is a sentence (which doesn’t remotely get close to describing her typical way of walking through the world)…..

She is a Certified EOS implementer (trained in 2015)…..a certified coach (since 2001)…..a person who completed a masters degree in organizational leadership….the former director of a nationally recognized family business center…..and most importantly…..a HUGE fan of family businesses.

She was raised in a business family….has worked in family businesses and is on a quest to help family business owners build lasting legacies and the businesses and families that enjoy them.

She has head trash, lives with head trash and has admitted it publicly more than once.

CJ Dubé

Expert EOS Implementer



CJ DuBé has always been an entrepreneur. With more than 25 years of experience, CJ knows a lot about business and people. Not following a traditional path, CJ has worked in a variety of capacities, from managing a sales team for a large international company, to Director of Operations and HR for a facilities management firm.

In 2006, along with two other talented entrepreneurs, CJ launched a Human Resources consulting firm. After selling it CJ went looking for her next entrepreneurial venture and was introduced to Gino Wickman’s book TRACTION. Seeing the benefits of companies Implementing EOS, CJ had found her next obsession.

Since 2010 helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams have become CJ’s passion. She has helped over 110 companies clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. An award-winning entrepreneur with a dynamic background, CJ is also a sought-after speaker. She speaks throughout the United States to spread the word of EOS and to help companies and leadership teams get better at three things: VISION, TRACTION and HEALTH. CJ has also spent the last 12 years working with and helping to grow the EOS Worldwide community.


Expert EOS Implementer

Live IDS®️ Session: Bring Your Issues


Ted began his business career 25 years ago with Xerox and IBM. He discovered his passion for entrepreneurship when he acquired an unprofitable and dysfunctional distribution company and transformed it into a profitable and healthy business. Today he helps business leaders as a speaker, Expert EOS Implementer™ and as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide.

Along his journey, Ted has started and successfully led five companies including an educational software business that was the first in North America to connect K-12 classrooms to homes over the web, a video game co. in partnership with the NHL, and a medical firm with a mandate to ensure consistent quality and supply of medical isotopes to the world.

Ted was introduced to the EOS® through his membership in The Entrepreneur’s Organization and began using EOS® in his companies. He has first-hand experience in the benefits of running a business with EOS® and the challenges of running one without it. In addition to being an Expert EOS Implementer™, Ted serves as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide where he trains new EOS Implementers™ and facilitates Quarterly meetings with EOS Implementers™ from around the world.

Ted splits his time between Alberta and California with his wife Jennifer, and two children, Spencer and Kirsten. The entire family is community minded and share a passion for living a full life.


Certified EOS Implementer


Has your company been running on EOS for at least a year and and half and it seems you are stuck and “hitting the ceiling” again? If you find yourself in this position, you are normal! Attend this interactive session to identify the root cause(s) of you feeling stuck. You will leave the session with action items to get better results for you, your company, and your team members.


Troy’s passion is, and has always been, GROWTH – personal growth, revenue growth, and profitable growth. This passion for growth is what led him to start his first business when he was 21 years old and is what still drives him today. Troy grew that business for 23 years and successfully exited it in late 2016.

As an entrepreneur, Troy has long believed that the problems business owners encounter always seem to center around people, time, and money. He believes that EOS is without a doubt the best system available to entrepreneurs for addressing these problematic issues and for experiencing sustainable, chaos-free growth. He has made it his mission to help like-minded entrepreneurs like him solve these problematic issues and experience the growth they truly want and deserve!

As a Certified EOS Implementer, Troy has conducted over 250 full-day EOS sessions with his clients in a wide variety of industries and he is passionate about helping other EOS Implementers on their road to EOS Mastery in his role as an EOS Implementer Coach.

Ali Nasser

Author | Founder | CEO


Join Ali for a powerful session that will forever impact your thinking. Ali will dive deep into the Paradigm of Money and the psychology that shapes so many entrepreneurial personalities.

Discover your Paradigm of Money and reframe your thinking to create the life experience you truly desire.

This interactive workshop session will have you uncover things you never knew about yourself and put you on a path to create lifetime breakthroughs with your mindset.


Ali Nasser is a #1 Amazon Best Selling author, passionate entrepreneur, communicator, and life enthusiast. His mission is to help business owners find their best path forward and gain clarity on the most important decisions at the intersection of wealth and life.

Ali is the creator of the Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs™ (WISE™), a powerful and proprietary framework that helps successful business owners approach the six components of entrepreneurial wealth.

His book, “The Business Owner’s Dilemma,” identifies the three critical dilemmas all business owners will face and how to integrate planning between their business, wealth, and life to create the outcomes they truly desire.


Certified EOS Implementers



Laurel’s passion is to increase the odds of entrepreneurial success by helping entrepreneurs and leaders achieve clarity, impact, and freedom. She carries this passion into her full-time work as a Certified EOS Implementer as well as the two companies she owns and runs. Laurel is known for her discerning spirit, high energy, and enduring commitment to propelling people into the life and business of their dreams.

David’s career as an entrepreneur started in his late 20’s when he bought a small publishing company. He grew that business and ultimately sold it so he could spend more time with his family. He is a trained coach and team facilitator and now works with the leadership teams of small and medium-sized businesses helping them implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). He works with companies in a broad variety of industries and is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

Jenna Spencer

Founder of AssistPro

Generating Horsepower – The Real Value of Delegation

Learn why delegation is a vital component of growing as a leader, by discovering the real reasons we don’t delegate more and how to overcome these setbacks to grow faster.


Jenna Spencer is the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro™, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders. Since founding AssistPro in 2014, Jenna has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them find the ”Right-Fit Assistant™ and teaching them how to delegate and develop their assistants into leaders, as well. Under her direction and leadership, AssistPro has grown more than 50% each year since its founding – and has led to her creation and launch of an extension of the company devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master the art of delegation.

Tania Bengtsson

Certified EOS Implementer



Tania grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has spent her career helping companies grow. Out of college, she worked in television. After a quick stint working in front of the camera, she quickly realized there was more creativity behind it and started her first business, a media production company. As with many entrepreneurs, she grew to the point of hitting the ceiling. Knowing about EOS back then would have produced different results! She shut the company down after accepting an opportunity at an insurance & risk management services firm.

During her 15 years with that company she became an owner and helped grow it from $10 million to $30 million in revenue. It was at that company she discovered EOS®. As a member of the leadership team, she helped implement and cascade it throughout the business. Tania’s passion for the impact it had on the company led her to become a full-time Implementer in 2019.

Tania is a highly skilled Implementer who pursues cutting edge outcomes; has flare for helping teams execute with excellence; and facilitates with candor, wit, and wisdom. She is passionate about helping leaders get more of what they want from their businesses.

Rob Dube

Visionary, The 10 Disciplines




From Blow Pops to Forbes Best Small Companies! Rob started his first business in high school selling Blow Pops out of his locker. In 1991, he founded imageOne with his best friend, Joel Pearlman.

imageOne has been recognized as a Top 25 Small Businesses in America on the list of Forbes Small Giants, an Inc. Magazine Best Places to Work, as the number one Top Workplace in Michigan, a National Best and Brightest Company to Work For, one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, a Positive Workplace by the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and Crain’s Detroit Cool Places to Work.

Rob is the Visionary/CEO of The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy, a video-based journey that teaches people 10 fast, simple, powerful, and fully customizable disciplines to manage and maximize their energy and live an optimal life. He is the author of the best-selling book, donothing,™ the most rewarding leadership challenge you will ever take and the host of the Leading with Genuine Care retreat and podcast. Rob challenges business leaders and entrepreneurs to look inward with mindfulness and meditation by sharing his own mindful leadership journey.

BREAKOUT SESSION 5 | Friday - 9:15AM – 10:15AM

Victoria Cabot

Director of Engagement at EOS Worldwide



Victoria brings over 25 years of experience driving significant enterprise growth for Blue Chips, start-ups, and family businesses. Her portfolio of companies includes GAP, J. Crew, Cabot Hosiery (Darn Tough) and Burton Snowboards. As an “intrapreneur,” she worked alongside Jake Burton and started the Kids’ Division. Under her leadership, the division grew to $20M with healthy margins in under three years. The best part of her job? Running photo shoots with young team riders, including an 8-year-old snowboarding sensation – Shaun White.

Victoria played a vital role in the founding of this EOS Conference®. After overseeing hundreds of programming hours, she refocused on her Implementer practice in 2021. She is also President of Velocity 6 Leadership Company. She seeks to serve especially woman and minority owned businesses. Her personal mission statement is “Together, We Rise.”

Her EOS Life includes discovering history through travel. In her adventures, you’ll always find her “where the locals go.” She serves clients internationally from San Diego, CA.

Brett Stewart

Expert EOS Implementer


Did I do the right things this week? Did my team do the right things? Am I missing anything? These questions run through our minds constantly, slowly eroding our confidence. So we check in on this, ask someone about that, and double-check something else, all the while wasting time that could be spent growing our business. The cure to the chaos is a strong Data Component and the confidence and focus it brings. Learn how to nail your Data Component and claim your confidence dividend


Brett’s passion is helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. After a successful corporate career in consulting, turn-arounds and as CFO of a billion-dollar insurance company, Brett decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, he has started and helped run three different businesses.

The last of those was a healthcare company Brett took over and turned around from a $400k loss to a profit of $1.2 million in four years. But profitability did not mean success – the business lacked focus, and instead of being run by a functional, cohesive team, every decision went through Brett. That all changed when he read Traction and learned about The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). After using EOS in his business, and seeing its power first-hand, Brett set out to help others get what they want from their businesses. He now spends all his time coaching entrepreneurs and their teams, helping them implement EOS so they can reach their goals and enjoy the journey.

Brett earned bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He lives outside of Atlanta with Tricia, his wife of 27 years, his daughters Allie and Cassady, and dogs Buddy-Baker and Eddie. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his family and racing mountain bikes with his friends.

Hank O'Donnell

Expert EOS Implementer


As the Leadership Team goes, so goes the company. It’s that simple. Elegant leadership teams build great companies. It’s a shame they are so rare! In this session, Hank O’Donnell, an Expert EOSI & accomplished Leadership Team coach, shares the secrets of high performing EOS Leadership teams. You’ll learn a simple diagnostic tool to evaluate your team. How will it stack up? Plus, learn the 4 destructive toxins that undermine team success – and what to do when they pop up! Lots of takeaways – and fun, too!


Ted began his business career 25 years ago with Xerox and IBM. He discovered his passion for entrepreneurship when he acquired an unprofitable and dysfunctional distribution company and transformed it into a profitable and healthy business. Today he helps business leaders as a speaker, Expert EOS Implementer™ and as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide.

Along his journey, Ted has started and successfully led five companies including an educational software business that was the first in North America to connect K-12 classrooms to homes over the web, a video game co. in partnership with the NHL, and a medical firm with a mandate to ensure consistent quality and supply of medical isotopes to the world.

Ted was introduced to the EOS® through his membership in The Entrepreneur’s Organization and began using EOS® in his companies. He has first-hand experience in the benefits of running a business with EOS® and the challenges of running one without it. In addition to being an Expert EOS Implementer™, Ted serves as the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide where he trains new EOS Implementers™ and facilitates Quarterly meetings with EOS Implementers™ from around the world.

Ted splits his time between Alberta and California with his wife Jennifer, and two children, Spencer and Kirsten. The entire family is community minded and share a passion for living a full life.

Marc Dispensa

Certified EOS Implementer


Ever wonder why other companies seem to get constant referrals? Wish your company could go viral on social media for being awesome? Want inbound leads to be calling your company all day because they heard things that were so impressive?

Most leadership team members know dazzling experiences look like, but can never seem to put it all together. Join us for an interactive workshop to learn the secrets of stringing together unforgettable moments that consistently impress and drive word-of-mouth marketing.

In this session, you’ll get the tools, insights, clarity, and guidance to make you ideal experience become a reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your customer service and transform your business into one that customers can’t stop raving about.”


Ben is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses. He is relentlessly obsessed with creating value and improving entrepreneurs’ lives. 

He now devotes his life to helping others build self managing businesses and growing their company.

With hundreds of session days under his belt, Ben has helped leaders get what they want from their businesses by helping them clarify, simplify, and achieve their visions through EOS, mentoring other implementers, and contributing to a self-managing Marketing, Sales, and Technology company he co-founded to support his clients.

Ben spends 100% of his professional time helping others get the clarity, profits, and freedom they deserve. 

Daniel Moshe

Certified EOS Implementer


Bring your Scorecard to this hands-on workshop where 400+ session Certified EOS Implementer Daniel Moshe will provide actionable techniques and strategies to help you strengthen your Data Component so that you have a better pulse on your business, improve your ability to predict, and are increasing accountability and transparency throughout your organization.


Daniel Moshe is a national speaker and certified EOS implementer based in Minneapolis. He’s used EOS in all his businesses since 2011, successfully worked himself out of a day-to-day job in 2016 and has been helping leadership teams live their best lives since. He continues to be involved in starting and growing successful technology companies. Daniel is passionate about building strong leadership teams and making a positive impact in the world. Daniel’s other passions include RV travel with his two elementary-age sons, running, motorcycles, and he’s an instrument-rated pilot and primarily flies Cirrus aircraft.

JEanet Wade

Expert EOS Implementer

Shared by All – Creating a Human-Driven Vision

Learn how to activate human potential by creating a strong Vision that is Shared by All (SBA). In this breakout session, you will deepen your understanding of getting Six Facets of Human Needs® met in order to achieve the Vision you outlined in your V/TO.


Jeanet Wade is one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business and is a ForbesBooks featured author. In her 26 year career, she has coached and consulted with over 125 privately-held businesses across the U.S. and has served on leadership teams at start-ups, small family-owned businesses, and large corporations. She recently published The Human Team: So, You Created a Team But People Showed Up! to help leaders and managers facilitate human energy on teams and understand the fundamental needs of people in order to nurture and engage stronger outcomes. https://www.business-alchemist.com/thehumanteam

Catherine Juon

Certified EOS Implementer

Panel Discussion


Mark C. Winters

Visionary Rocket Fuel University



With a head full of new ideas, are you up for the challenge to take meaningful action after you leave this conference? Get focused on the critical items someone in your seat must execute – pull it all together – and give your company the best chance of overcoming “the challenge”… moving closer to achieving your vision.

Mark’s passion is helping visionary entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can pursue and expand their unique freedom – exponentially! Depending on the unique situation, Mark’s talent for introducing just the right combination of perspective and process sparks entrepreneurial leadership teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the proper direction – with clarity. As a teacher, coach, and facilitator, Mark spends much of his time directly engaged with these teams as an Expert EOS Implementer – helping them implement EOS in their own companies. He’s delivered over 700 full-day EOS workshops with companies from around the U.S.

Mark is also the Co-Author (with Gino Wickman) of the book Rocket Fuel, and the Founder/Visionary of Rocket Fuel University. RFU is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial Visionaries and Integrators understand themselves, find each other, and become truly great!

Mark has been an entrepreneur since the age of 28, after catching the “bug” during B-school at the University of Chicago. At last count, he’s started/bought/shut-down/sold 14 different companies. One notable venture, as a Founder and CEO, had a very successful exit – yielding a 100x cash return in less than 3 years. All this activity has led to some recognition, including being named a Tech Titan finalist as an emerging company CEO, and listed as “40 Under Forty” by the Business Journal in both Milwaukee and Dallas. Mark was also previously awarded Rookie of the Year and Chair Excellence distinctions by Vistage International.

Traction Tables | Friday - 7:00AM - 7:50AM

New to EOS

(less than 1.5 years)


No more "Guess Who" with GWC™

Barb Reimbold

Mastering Your Role as Visionary

Susan Dyer

Mastering your Role as Integrator ™

Bill Stratton

Everyone Has a Number

Dawn Clarke

The Issues Solving Track™

Cher Kuhn

The Value of Process

Lisa Gonzalez

Gain Traction®️ with Better Rocks

Mitchell York

3 Uniques ™

Dan Heuertz

What the Heck is EOS®️ Rollout?

Dan Zawacki

Build a Great Scorecard

Barry Barrett

How to Run Effective Meetings

Chad Sinness

Organizational Checkup™

Debra Neiwald

Accountability Chart™

Leonard Lynskey

Create a Powerful 3-Year Picture ™

Rachel Downey

How to Energize Your 10-Year Target ™

Philip Pfeifer

Familiar with EOS

(more than 1.5 years)


Utilizing Your EOS®️ Marketing Strategy

Jeff Wedren

Creating Incentive Plans to Drive your V/TO

Alex Freytag

Team Health and Issues

Justin Cook

8 Cash Flow Drivers ™

Michael Halperin

Delegate and Elevate ™

Lesa Skipper

Develop Mid-Managers

Beth Fahey

Succession Planning

Dan Rose

Making Tough People Moves

Laura Rerucha

Benjamin Hardy's Keynote Debrief

Scott Patchin

Gino Wickman's Keynote Debrief

Marty Vondrell

Tiffany Sauder's Keynote Debrief

Dave Feidner

Breaking Through the Ceiling with Five Leadership Abilities™

Amy Courter

Measurables - Everyone Has a Number

Mark Stanley

Making Decisions with Your Core Focus™ in Mind

Tzvi Schwartz

A Vision Shared by All

Tom Wesner

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USD $1,795*

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